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Conference Call Dial In Number: Teleconferencing Cheat Sheet.

Teleconferencing (or audio conferencing) is an increasingly popular way to link remote participants into meetings. This teleconferencing cheat sheet help break down the essential things you need to know to make take full advantage of the potential of your audio conferencing service.

Choose the right audio conferencing provider for your needs

Decide if you require audio conferencing for audio only calls; web conferencing for added visuals; or a more structured and managed conference call service for larger, more important calls. Also consider if your provider facilitates international calls. Budget Conferencing provides teleconferencing, web and operator assisted conferencing services, with a wide range of conference call dial in numbers for different regions.

 Ensure you and all participants have the appropriate equipment needed to participate in a call

Try to setup yourself and your participants up with a high quality headset, and minimise the use of mobile or speakerphones to avoid any sound or call clarity issues when audio conferencing.

 Have your conference call dial in number ready

Ensure you and your meeting participants are aware of the correct conference call dial in number so no one is late to the meeting. You can access your own and your participants conference call dial in numbers through the my conference portal on the Budget Conferencing website.