Conference Call Prices

Save up to 85% on your bills!

Budget conferencing provides discount conference call prices with high quality audio services backed by an established audio conferencing company of over 20 years.

Budget conferencing helps people in the office and on the road keep connected with their colleagues and customers, without blowing the budget. Conference calling is usually not at an affordable tool with major telecommunications companies charging through the nose. See below how we can save you up to 85% on your conferencing call prices!

Conferencing Call Prices comparison

$/per minute Budget Conferencing Telstra Optus Hot Air All Conference Calls Eureka Redback
Local number 35¢ 30¢ 15¢ 12¢ 22¢
1800/Toll Free 55¢ No 25¢ 12¢ 14¢ 32¢
National 60.5¢ 45¢ 25¢ 12¢ 14¢ 32¢
International 20¢-99¢ $2.53 $2.10 23¢-$1.33 20¢-99¢ 22¢-89¢ From 40c
Service Available 24/7 24/7 24/7 Limited hours 24/7 24/7 24/7

Savings on a typical discounted conference call

Sample conference call during business hours which lasting 60 minutes, with 6 participants in Australia. All join by toll free number, national wide.

A Telstra telephone conference call would cost: $198

An Optus telephone conference call would cost: $162

A HotAir telephone conference call would cost: $90

A Eureka telephone conference call would cost: $50.40

A Budget Conferencing discounted conference call would cost: $32.40

You would save on that telephone conference $165.6

That is a saving of almost 85%

Take advantage of our highly competitive discounted conference rates and sign up now! We provide a Pay As You Go Plan as well as Monthly Plans for huge savings – all with no commitment or monthly cost.


Budget Conferencing understands your business goals and can help you:

  • Reduce Sales Cost – audio and web conference at a moment’s notice to reduce travel costs and increase productivity. Scale your business cost-effectively optimise your work force and remote offices. Large corporations are finding that telephone conference calling improve employee efficiency and prevents time being wasted by people moving around large office buildings. Businesses utilising telecommuters are able to hold meetings without requiring the person to travel around to attend. Budget conferencing’s discount conference calling services are created with these reasons in mind.
  • Reduce Operations Costs - by Budget Conferencing’s discounted conference call prices and mobile web conferencing to connect with customers, train employees quicker and more effectively.
  • Reduce Customer Service Cost - automate and streamline the customer’s ability to reach the right person at the right time – conference in your experts to provide personalised and agile service for customer service agents to service their customers thus reducing cost.

For all of your discount conference calling needs, Budget Conferencing is your provider of choice when our indisputable savings speak for themselves.

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