Conference Calls

How to get the most out of your conference call

Conference calls are a cost-effective and easy way to enhance communication and collaboration amongst work teams and increase productivity, whilst minimising the need for travel. Whether it’s audio conferencing, web conferencing or an operator assisted call, conference calls can help you connect more effectively with your employees and customers, anytime, anywhere. Hold weekly departmental or project team meetings, conduct ad-hoc brainstorming sessions, undertake employee training and development programs, or carry out customer presentations with a range of different conference call services available from Budget Conferencing.

Tips for Conference Calls

Increase the value of your conference call for both your business and customers or clients by maximising the potential of conferencing with these helpful tips:

Create an agenda and stick to it

Create an agenda for your conference call and distribute to your participants at least a day in advance. During your conference call, remain consistent with the agenda and the time length of the call, in order to respect the time of your attendees. Providing a theme for the call that reinforces the purpose and agenda of the the conference can also help to achieve the desired outcome of the meeting.

Arrive early if you’re the host, and clearly state when the call ends

Dial into your conference call 5-10 minutes early in order to greet your attendees and confirm their attendees, ensuring they have read and/or have access to the conference agenda. Once you have completed your conference call, remain on the line until all participants have left the call, to avoid any confusion or over-billing.

Introduce yourself and speak clearly

Always introduce yourself before speaking for the first time during the call to ensure other participants know who you are. To help minimise misunderstandings and to help the person taking notes, it’s best to also speak clearly and slowly. This is particularly helpful during international conference calls, to ensure anyone on the conference call with accents can be understood.

Minimise background noise and prevent sound quality issues

Whilst Budget Conferencing’s high quality equipment and lines allow you to speak simultaneously during your call without loss of sound quality, this also means that unintended background or static noise may disrupt your conference. Therefore, try to ensure you are in a quiet environment and avoid using speakerphones when hosting or participating in conference calls.

Record your conference call

Budget Conferencing teleconferencing or web conferencing calls allow you to record your call for future reference. This is really useful if you need to go back and check what was discussed.

Add visual aids

Whilst audio conferencing (also known as teleconferencing), such as Budget Conferencing’s FastAudio, can be effective for many business meetings, adding visuals to your meeting can enhance the experience, convey more information and better engage your participants. Our web conferencing service, allows you to add the power of visuals to your conference call and meetings, without any loss of audio quality you experience with teleconferencing.

Conference Call Etiquette

With the increasing use of web and audio conferencing to replace face-to-face meetings, with it also comes a certain conference call etiquette so you can run a pleasant, polite and effective conference call.

Be on time

A conference call is just like any other meeting, so it’s important and respectful to be on time.

Give your full attention

Whilst it may be tempting to conduct other activities whilst on the call, not paying attention can mean you miss out on important information, or may be unable to answer a question or contribute when needed.

Be expressive

If you’re using audio conferencing to conduct your conference calls, you’re missing out on valuable body language. Therefore, using slightly more expressive language can help make up for this.

Don’t talk over others

Whilst this is good etiquette in all situations, during a conference call it is particularly important as otherwise no one can understand what you or the other participant is saying.

Avoid the hold button, and use the mute button instead

Putting your phone on hold may introduce music into the conference. Therefore, it’s best to use the mute function to mute yourself instead (*6).

Using these hints and tips, combined with our high quality web and audio conferencing services, with Budget Conferencing you can hold more effective and productive meetings and conference calls. Whether a home office, or small to medium business, we makes holding a conference call easy, with an affordable conference service appropriate for your business needs. Have a look at our range of conferencing services here to determine which service best suits your requirements.

Want to hold and/or join conference calls on your mobile phone?

  • Easy! Simply dial your conference number as you would any other phone, enter in your passcode and your instantly connected to your mobile audio conference.
  • Joining a conference call shouldn’t mean that you be seated at your desk next to the landline at that time.
  • Join on any mobile phone any where in the world!