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Do I Need a Conference Phone to make a Conference Call?

The quick and simple answer is no!

Budget Conferencing is the easy and affordable way to ensure that your experience for any type of conference call is accessible to all attendees at anytime, any place.  This means that Budget Conferencing doesn’t require you to buy a conference phone or any specific device to conduct your teleconference.

We understand that your time is valuable, so our teleconference services enable you to:

  • Eliminate your travel costs
  • Conduct a meeting outside of the office
  • Include participants from any location
  • Come to quick decisions without the hassle of meeting face-to-face
  • Include up to 125 participants in a single telephone conference call

All you need is a phone

Whether you only have access to a landline or mobile, need to conduct the teleconference locally or internationally, Budget Conferencing can cater to your needs at a low cost.  This is because we value how companies of any size need to minimise costs and being able to disregard any concerns over having to acquire a conference phone, ensures that you don’t incur any unknown add-on costs. All you pay for is the telephone conference call itself.

Why Budget Conferencing

Our services allow you to conduct a teleconference (without a conference phone) 24/7.  This ability to access our services at anytime enables a teleconference to be conducted across multiple timezones and allow you to have the flexibility that you require.

We understand that a telephone conference call needs to be easy and efficient.  Without requiring any reservations to make the telephone conference call, our product ensures that your experience is accessible and minimises unnecessary delays.

We acknowledge that you can’t always be at the office but still need to be productive. By only needing access to a phone (rather than requiring a specific conference phone), our service has high mobility whilst providing you with a reliable and secure line.

We provide local, toll free or international dial-in numbers to ensure that costs are kept at a minimum and provide multiple pay as you go or plans to cater to your needs.

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