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Conferencing Service
Conference services help you to connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. They allow businesses either with dispersed work teams or remote customers, to communicate and collaborate and increase productivity, without incurring significant travel costs. There are a number of different conference services which allow you to hold a conference call such as audio conferencing (or teleconferencing), web conferencing, or operated assisted audio conferencing

Which Conferencing Service is best for you?

Choosing the right conference service depends on your business and conference call requirements. Whether it is an impromptu brainstorming session, weekly business meetings, a customer presentation, or company-wide announcement, Budget Conferencing has the right conferencing solution to help you achieve your business goals. We provide both teleconferencing (automated and operator assisted) and web conferencing services, available on a variety of different payment plans and packages.

Budget Conferencing Teleconferencing

Budget Conferencing is our audio conferencing service which allows you to host a meeting or a conference call with just your phone. Conduct conference calls and meetings 24/7 without operator assistance or advanced scheduling, and manage them online through our website. Budget Conferencing’s high quality service and support provides you with a reliable audio conferencing tool for a more productive meeting. With prices starting from as little as 5¢/minute*, and a Pay as You Go plan we have a plan and package right for your conferencing needs.

Operated Assisted Conferencing

Our Operator Assisted conferencing service is perfect for when you conducting a more structured or formal conference call. Utilise our high quality audio conferencing with the added benefit of a dedicated operator present throughout the entire conference call to help manage call quality, gather information and answer any questions. It is ideal for high profile customer presentations, company-wide announcements, or customer education seminars and meetings.


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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing is our conferencing service that allows you to conduct meetings and conference calls online, whilst being able to share presentations, demonstrate software and transfer files with your meeting attendees. Interact in real time with just your computer and internet access and no need for IT support.

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What Budget Conferencing Can Offer You 
Budget Conferencing delivers a high quality and reliable conferencing service using enterprise level conferencing bridge technology to ensure you have the best meeting experience, whether you are web or audio conferencing. Both our sign up process and conferencing services are quick and easy to use, so you can begin to communicate and collaborate as soon as possible. With highly competitive rates, and a range of pricing plans, we have the conferencing package to suit your business needs and budget.

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