Critical Information Summary – Budget Conferencing Teleconferencing & Web Conferencing

Information about the Service

    1. Description of the service:  Integrated Teleconferencing and web conferencing service. Customers are charged for access to our service through calls to Budget conferencing dial in numbers, Voice over IP calls from a computer or mobile device and web conferencing usage.
    2. Bundling: Our annual monthly plans include a set number of call minutes, to only our local Australian dial in numbers, for a monthly fee. All other service charges are at a PAYG (Pay as you go) rates.
    3. Hardware: No hardware is bundled with the service. A phone or computer can be used to access the service.
    4. Minimum term: Our PAYG plans have no set term. Our annual monthly plans have a 12 month contract.
    5. Inclusions, exclusions and qualifications:
      1.  For our PAYG plans;
        • All calls/connections fees are charged at per minute rates. These rates include calls to local dial in and 1800 numbers, dial in numbers for conference attendees in international locations, web conferencing services and Voice over IP calls.
      2. Our annual monthly plans include;
        • Bundled audio minutes to designated local Australian dial in numbers. You and your conference attendee’s calls to our 1800 numbers are not included in our standard local number audio minute bundles. Audio minutes above audio bundled minutes will be charged at standard per minute rates on our annual monthly plans.
        • For annual monthly plans calls are charged at per minute rates for calls to our international dial in numbers, web conferencing services and Voice over IP.
      3. For both PAYG and annual monthly plans;
        • Your conference attendees will be charged their standard carrier rate to connect to our 1800 Australian dial in numbers, local Australian numbers and international dial in numbers. As the conference account owner you will pay for each minute each caller is connected to your conference.
        • Recordings of your conference calls and webinars can be ordered in addition to your plan rates.
        • Operators are available in your service to assist as an inclusion in your PAYG and annual monthly plans.
      4. Qualifications on customer credits;
        • ‘Good will’ credits may be given to a customer as part of a Budget Conferencing customer service and awarded on a case-by-case basis.
          1. As this is NOT an incorrect charge or a billing fault, this is awarded to the account in the form of ‘credit’ redeemable on Budget Conferencing services only- NOT as monetary remuneration or a charge back to the customer’s credit card.
        • ‘Standard’ credits may be applied when an incorrect charge or billing fault is applied to a customer’s credit card.
          1. The customer is reimbursed the adjusted amount back to the credit card.

Information about Pricing

    1. Minimum monthly charge: Pay as you go plans are only charged for usage. Annual Monthly plans incur;
      1. The advertised rate as a minimum charge. Any usage ‘over’ the local number bundles minutes may be charged on the next month’s invoice.
      2. The first invoice may include a monthly charge for the month your account is activated and the following month.
    2. A minimum charge of 3 callers, as a quorum fee, applies to any conference call on our service.
    3. Maximum monthly charge:  the maximum monthly charge depends on a customer’s usage and/or excess usage.
    4. Early termination charges: Charges apply for terminating an annual monthly plan contract early. The charge is the number of outstanding months multiplied with the minimum monthly charge.
    5. Non payment charges: Whilst on contract if you do not pay your monthly balance for 2 consecutive months your account will be barred and you will be charged a breakage fee equal to the remainder of your contract.

Other Information

  1. Customers can check on their monthly usage by contacting our service team on 1800 701 106.
  2. Customer service can be reached by dialing 1800 701 106 and selecting the ‘customer service’ option.
  3. If you are not happy with your service or any aspect of our service please call 1800 701 106 or email to complain.
  4. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman can be contacted as follows;