Frequently asked questions

- for existing customers to be upgraded as of the 30th of September 2014

Why is Budget Conferencing upgrading?

We will be upgrading you from our existing teleconferencing platform to a new and enhanced platform which provides more dial-ins numbers, greater audio quality, optional integrated web conferencing and mobile applications to take your meeting with you anywhere.

Click here for the full list of dial-in numbers

What will happen to my existing teleconference service?

Your audio conferencing service will still be active however your existing dial-in numbers and passcodes will be switched off as of the 30th of September.

We will shortly send out your new dial-in numbers and passcodes and in order to avoid service interruption, we strongly suggest you update the following with these new details:

• all your future meeting invites

• distributing these to your staff, colleague and meeting guests.

• update your records – whether your dial-in #s are kept on your phone, intranet, as a hard copy print out around your office.
If you think you missed out on your upgraded account details, please email us at or give us a call and we’ll be happy to resend you your new account details.

Will my passcodes and dial in numbers remain the same as before?

No, you will receive a new set of dial-in numbers and passcodes. These will be sent out to you shortly.

Don’t forget to update your records (both printed & electronic), future meeting invites, colleagues & guests with your new information.

Are there any additional charges for this upgrade?

No cost to you at all. In fact, with the upgrade your call rates have dropped by up to 40%!

For a detailed list of call rates, see below.

What are my new call rates?

Your meetings have just gotten cheaper!


How does this new service/platform work?

It works exactly the same as your existing service for Audio Meetings – simply dial into your meeting with your new dial-ins & passcodes – but you will enjoy additional features such as:

• Moderators can dial-out to participants – are you still waiting for that 1 person to dial-in to the meeting?

• Mobile apps – do you always need to remember your passcode? Not with the mobile apps. Simply login ONCE and forget ever entering in your passcodes again but simply clicking the ‘Connect Me’ button.

• Productivity Tools – send meeting invitations directly from your Desktop, Outlook, or Mobile Apps where your guests can simply click the ‘Connect Me’ button in the email to have them dial-out to their phone/computer.

• Optional integrated web conferencing is available – fully featured with screen sharing, document sharing, video conferencing is available on your desktop or on the go via our  mobile apps.

• Optional VoIP – i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol – which basically means your can dial-in to a meeting or dial-out to a meeting guest to connect them over an internet connection. Why? Let’s say you have 5 callers from the US for a 30 minute meeting. 5 callers x 30 mins x 20c/min international call rate = $30. Let’s try that calculation again with the VoIP rate. 5 callers x 30 mins x 5c/min international call rate = $7.50. That’s a saving of 75%.

Do I need to be at a computer for this platform to work?

It works exactly as your existing service for audio conferencing – i.e. you can dial in from your landline or mobile.

The additional features that it now provides is that you can dial in from a data connection & web conference from various devices – including a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. There is no need to be confined to your desk… take your meetings with you anywhere!

Are the star (*) features the same as my existing service?

Yes, the entire star (*) features will remain the same as per your older service. The only difference is that, the *95 dial out feature will no longer be available on this platform. This is because there happens to be a much more enhanced, hassle free and more accurate method of dialling out to an attendee via the new platform. Some of the options that will enable you to perform the dial out (former *95) as are follows:

a. Outlook Toolbar – phone only meetings audio control panel – dial to an attendee

b. Desktop Application – start my meetings which brings up audio control panel – dial out to an attendee

c. Using Mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Am I able to change my passcodes on the new platform?

Yes, you can change passcodes via your online portal/hub which can be self-accessed/managed. Alternatively, you will can change your passcodes by emailing

Can I make International or Local Dial Out calls to attendees?

Yes, however the (star) *95 feature is not available on this GM platform. To be able to perform dial out’s as a host/moderator to attendees, you will be able to achieve that via the following mediums:

a. Outlook Toolbar – phone only meetings audio control panel – dial to an attendee

b. Desktop Application – start my meetings which brings up audio control panel – dial out to an attendee

c. Using Mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Can I choose to be excluded from this migration of service and remain on the older platform?

No, the older platform service will be phased out very soon and it’s mandatory for all customers to be upgraded to this new and enhanced platform. Your existing service (passcodes and dial-in numbers) will no longer be operational as of 30th September 2014.

Where and when do I get my new details/account information?

Your new Budget Conferencing account details will be sent to your registered email address. You will receive a Confirmation Email with your new Client ID, Host and Moderator Passcodes/pins and list of dial-in numbers. This email will be sent/should have been sent to you within the next few weeks.

Is there a web/video/mobility conferencing service that comes with this upgrade?

Yes, we have various types of packages and plans that come with GlobalMeet to suit all types of customers and their usage requirements. GlobalMeet is an all in one integrated audio, web and mobility solution. However, for the upgrade that took place recently OR is about to take place soon, you will only receive the benefits of GM audio. To receive full benefits and value added enhancements on your service, your Account Manager will be in touch with you soon!

Task: Inform Account Manager via email to contact customer for web upgrade interest.

How can I manage my accounts/conferences online? How do I Log into My Account? What is an online portal/hub?

There will be a link on your confirmation email that states “Log into My Account”. Proceed to that URL and use your client ID and web password credentials to login. You are now able to edit your conference, add new passcodes, generate usage reports, etc. This is the online portal that enables users to self-manage/administer their accounts. Each user will have to login using their own credentials to manage their respective accounts.

What if I’ve scheduled meetings after 30th September 2014?

As your current service will be deactivated on Tuesday 30th September, you will simply need to update your meetings invite and/or forward the new passcodes and dial-in numbers to your guests.

Do you share this conference account with other staff?

If so, you will simply need to forward the Welcome Email onto other users to ensure future meetings are scheduled & updated on our new platform – don’t forget that your host passcodes & web password are only for your approved account holder (i.e. the host of the meeting).

If you need to hold more than 1 meeting synchronously, please give me a call to add this additional meeting room to your account.

Where do I download the mobile apps from?

You can download the Budget Conferencing app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and desktop devices here.