Increased Mobility with the Budget Conferencing Mobile Apps

With increasing demands for mobility and accessibility, Budget Conferencing’s new mobile application allows conference calls to be set up, scheduled and attended through the application on your phone. This is because we understand that our customers are often on the move and that accessibility is paramount, regardless of where they are. Our user-friendly mobile app allows our customers to ensure that their productivity isn’t compromised if they aren’t able to access a landline or computer.

 Benefits of our mobile app:

  • Allows last minute meetings to be easily scheduled
  •  Participants can attend calls out of the office
  •  Hosting meetings becomes more efficient
  • You can host or attend meetings on the go
  • Eliminates mobility issues
  • Accessibility from any location

Fed up with being stuck in your office to hold or attend conference calls?

At Budget Conferencing, we are always striving to better our services and as a result, our increased mobility now allows all of our services to be accessible through a number of devices:

Our audio conferencing service allows recipients to attend their conference calls via mobile, ipad or computer.  This is because Budget Conferencing believes that our services should integrate into your business (rather than the reciprocal) and accessibility through devices that most businesses already have, eliminates additional costs incurred when using our services for conference calls.

Our operator assisted calls similarly offers mobile, ipad or computer access.  This ensures that businesses who require an operator to assist their call, still has the mobility that they require.  This is a feature that has been endorsed by those who travel often or live in remote locations as our services enhance relationships within and between businesses whilst eliminating mobility issues.

Web Conferencing-Our Web Conferencing service allows people to easily connect and collaborate through ipad or computer.  Through this feature, our customers now have the ability to switch between devices and can still share documents, securely transfer files and brainstorm in their conference calls.