Select from one of our Plans or Pay As You Go (PAYG) options for your enterprise-grade audio conferencing / Teleconferencing service. Add integrated Web Conferencing & Video Conferencing for a complete meeting solution.

   New to conferencing?

   To calculate how much your next conference would be, simply multiply the number of minutes x number of participants x the appropriate rate below.

                 For example: 30 min conference call x 4 local participants x 5¢ = $6.00 excluding GST.

International Rates - Teleconferencing & Web Conferencing

Audio Conferencing - Pay As You Go  -  Only pay for what you use. No commitment or monthly costs.


Local Calls - AU capital cities per minute *
VoIP Calls per minute *
National/Toll Free Calls - Australia wide per minute *
International Calls to popular destinations*20¢ per minute *
Recording & ReplayYou'll be charged the relevant Pay As You Go rate when participants access your recording
Recording FTP Download$35 flat rate * for permanent availability, additional charge to Recording & Replay set-up

Audio Conferencing - Monthly Plans - 12 month plans, a great way to save even more money on conferencing.

Annual Monthly PlanWhat's includedValue
$19 per month *1000 local & VoIP minutes

  • $50 worth of local calls
  • Save $31 per month
  • Unlimited Web conferencing
$29 per month *3000 local & VoIP minutes
  • $150 worth of local calls
  • Save $121 per month
  • Unlimited Web conferencing
  • $39 per month *5000 local & VoIP minutes
  • $250 worth of local calls
  • Save $211 per month
  • Unlimited Web conferencing
  • What are the Audio Conferencing Call Rates?

    Audio ConferencingRate
    Local$0.05 *
    National Toll Free$0.09 *
    International Band 1$0.20 *
    International Band 2$0.55 *
    International Band 3$0.85 *
    Rest of the World$0.99 *

    Which country falls into which price band?

    Band 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
    Hong KongChinaSouth AfricaAustriaHungaryRomania
    KoreaFranceIndonesiaBelarusIsraelSaudi Arabia
    New ZealandGermanyBrazilKazahstanScotland
    United KingdomMalaysiaColombiaLuxembourgTurkey
    United StatesNetherlandsCroatiaMexicoUAE
    SwitzerlandCzech RepublicNorwayVenezuela

    How much does Web Conferencing cost?

    Integrated Web Conferencing$0.10 *

    Accidentally go over?  Don’t worry, calls above your monthly minutes will be charged at these rates: Local : $0.05*, National: $0.09*, International from: $0.20*.

    Important Notes

    • Critical information summary What you need to know about our Teleconferencing and web conferencing services.
    • All stated rates exclude GST.
    • Local rates are valid for the moderator’s state; when participants dial in from other states you will be charged at the national rate.
    • Dial out to mobile phones within Australia are an additional 30¢/min
    • For international calls, our most popular destinations are United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan,Korea, Singapore, Taiwan. Please contact us for other destinations.
    • For Operator Assisted Conferences, a minimum conference charge also applies. Contact us for details.
    • The minimum total cost you are liable for under our annual monthly plans are $228 for our $19 plan, $348 for our $29 plan and $468 for our $39 plan.