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Live Meeting Etiquette

When hosting or attending a live meeting or phone conference, there a number of things you should avoid doing to maintain proper conference call etiquette and professionalism in a live meeting environment.

Phone conferences can be held using just your standard phone handset, or special voip conference phone, such as the polycom conference phone that utilises your internet connection to hold a conference call.

Web Conferencing allows you to host a live meeting with multiple participants over an internet connection, meaning they are able to use a voip conference phone, such as the polycom conference phone.

Things to Avoid Doing During a Phone Conference 

  • Most importantly, don’t be late to your live meeting.
  • Avoid joining a live meeting from inappropriate locations, such as a busy cafe, shopping centre or at home, when there are others present.
  • Like other meetings, make sure your phone doesn’t ring during the call- turn it off or on silent.
  • Avoid multi-tasking, as you will be distracted and it may create background noise.
  • Do not shout if you are using a voip conference phone.  A voip conference phone, such as the polycom conference phone, are highly sensitive and designed to pick up sounds at normal voice volumes, meaning you don’t need to speak louder for others to hear you.
  • Again, as a voip conference phone can pick up sounds at voice volume, it’s best to limit movement such as hand gestures and rustling of papers as it may be picked up a distracting background noise.

Run more effective and productive live meetings with your voip or polycom conference phone with Web Conferencing.

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