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BudgetConferencing’s Phone Conferencing service brings your colleagues and clients together for a quick and easy, no-hassle
audio conferencing meeting. By simply using your telephone for all your teleconferencing with BudgetConferencing’s service, you’ll
find that meeting and collaborating with your colleagues will be more time efficient and productive than ever.

BudgetConferencing’s Phone Conferencing service is:

  • easily accessible, turning any telephone into a meeting
  • easy to use for all your conference calls
  • reliable and secure with our enterprise-grade structure

Benefits of audio conferencing with BudgetConferencing Phone Conferencing service:

Audio conferencing is easy as dialling your telephone. Conference calls not only bring your friends, colleagues or clients together,
but conference calls enable everyone to collaborate more effectively, especially as everyone has access to a telephone these days.

Stay productive through teleconferencing whilst reducing travel expenses. Our teleconferencing service enables organisations to
get things done over distances, including overseas and interstate. This enables your organisation to dedicate more time to core
business operations while saving both time and cost of travelling.

Enterprise-grade network for all your conference calls. We provide you with local, national and international toll-free numbers with
the highest-quality audio experience for all audio conferencing.

How does our discounted conference services compare?

Savings on a typical discounted conference call

Sample conference call during business hours which lasting 60 minutes, with 6 participants in Australia. All join by toll free number, national wide.

    • A Telstra phone conferencing call would cost: $198
    • An Optus teleconferencing service would cost: $162
    • A HotAir phone conferencing call would cost: $90
    • A Eureka audio conferencing call would cost: $50.40
    • A Budget Conferencing conferencing call would cost: $32.40
    • You would save on that telephone conference call $165.60
    • That is a saving of almost 85%.
$/per minute Budget Conferencing Telstra Optus Hot Air All Conference Calls Eureka Redback
Local number 35¢ 30¢ 15¢ 12¢ 22¢
1800/Toll Free 55¢ No 25¢ 12¢ 14¢ 32¢
National 60.5¢ 45¢ 25¢ 12¢ 14¢ 32¢
International 20¢-99¢ $2.53 $2.10 23¢-$1.33 20¢-99¢ 22¢-89¢ From 40c
24/7 24/7 24/7 Limited hours 24/7 24/7 24/7

BudgetConferencing’s service includes conference calls, audio conferencing/ teleconferencing, web conferencing, and more.

For more information, contact us at 1800 701 106.