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How to Chair a Video Conferencing Meeting

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How to Chair a Video Conference Meeting

The conference video call is fast becoming a standard business tool. Whether you are using a polycom soundstation or a headset at your desk, here are a few tips to help make chairing a video conference easier and more productive.

  • Distribute the agenda and any relevant information to the video conference prior to your conference video call.
  • Check all the equipment, such as a polycom soundstation, headset or webcam, you require for your conference video call is ready for your video conference.
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video call, and if your conference video call is small, have each participant introduce themselves.
  • Ensure all participants can be heard clearly and are encouraged to contribute in the video call.
  • Equipment, such as the polycom soundstation are sensitive and may pick up background noise, so consider getting your participants to mute themselves.
  • Have an effective presentation or slide deck in your video call. See our tips for an effective webinar Power Point.

With Web Conferencing it’s easy to chair a video meeting and include the power of visuals in your call. All you need to start is your computer and an internet connection, but you can also use your existing conferencing equipment, such as your polycom soundstation.

Video conferencing is included as part of the Web Conferencing service. The web conferencing service in integrated into both our PAYG options and Plan options.

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