Operator Assisted Conferencing

Are you planning an important event or media call? Do you want to focus on the meeting content over the meeting logistics? This is where Budget Conferencing’s Operator Assisted Conferencing comes in.

Ensure your most demanding meetings are managed & streamlined with our enterprise-grade audio with our 99.9% guaranteed uptime.


  • Easy to sign-up, book and use
  • Professional assistance from our Australia-based customer service operators throughout your entire call.
  • Hundreds of dial-in #’s available across the globe make is easy, convenient & cost-effective for your participants to join
Operator Assisted Conferencing as it's best

Local Calls 25¢ per min*
National Calls (Australian 1800 Toll free #) 39¢ per min*
International Calls (most popular destinations) 55¢ per mins*


  • Reservations: Conferencing experts assist with reservations, coordinating specialists and enhanced services
  • Caller Entry: Instant pass-code entry with automated guest data collection, or an operator screen and greet each guest.
  • Guest Verification: The operator can remove guests when notified during pre-conference or on the call
  • Pre-Meeting Consultation: The lead operator consults with speakers on how the call will work.


  • Professional Announcer: Kicks off the call and introduces speakers
  • Communications Line: Private communication between client & dedicated speaker
  • Dial Outs: Personally introduce important guests into the call via an operator
  • Custom Announcements: Client provided information can be played for the call
  • Lecture Mode: All lines are muted to minimise interruption and unwanted noise
  • Q&A: Interactive conversation with operator assistance and screening
  • Polling: Feedback through operator-managed surveys
  • Web Conferencing: Integrated web presentation capabilities
  • Conference Recordings: extend your conference with replay. CD or audio files


  • Post Conference: Private post-conference for speakers to discuss the preceding conference confidentially
  • Guest List: Post-call guest report
  • Transcription: Document the call to satisfy legal requirements and provide an archive of the event
  • Translation: Translate conference transcripts into other languages
  • Recording Duplication: Professional-grade recordings for single or bulk duplications
  • Audio Replay: By phone 24/7 after the live call
  • Post Event Reporting: Customise reports with information from registration, participations and polling

* Please note all rates are excluding GST.

  • A Minimum conference cost is $300 ex GST.
  • A minimum of 24 hour cancellation notice is required. Should you cancel after this period, a cancellation charge of $300 ex GST is applicable.
  • For what you need to know about our Operator assisted services see our Critical information summary

How to calculate your Operator Assisted Conference Call?

For a 1 hour conference where 6 people are dialling in from Melbourne, 4 people will dial into an Australian Toll Free 1800 # and 4 international attendees – 2 from Hong Kong, the other 2 from the UK:

    • 6  Melbourne diallers x 25¢/min x 60 mins = $90
    • National Toll Free diallers x 39¢/min x 60 mins = $93.60
    • 4 International diallers x 55¢/min x 60 mins = $132
    • Total conference cost = $90 + $93.60 + $132 = $315.60

(Psst … this is a minimum saving of 54% over our competitors!)

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