How a teleconference can help you. A teleconference is an cost effective means of enhancing your business meetings and collaboration within your business. Using just a conventional landline phone or mobile, it allows people in separate locations to be connected simultaneously. Widely used in education, business and commerce, teleconferencing allows you to easily connect with your employees, business partners, clients and customers regardless of location to discuss a topic. Also known as a conference call, it involves the live exchange of information amongst a dispersed group of people linked by a telecommunication system and network, such as the enterprise quality network provided by Budget Conferencing.Teleconferences can be as interactive or as one-sided as you like depending on the purpose your conference call, and will often impact which type of conferencing service you require. Teleconferences can help your business by providing an effective method of collaboration and brainstorming amongst your team, whether it be sales, IT or HR, whilst also empowering your employees to connect with a wider range of suppliers and clients, without the need to travel.

Why Use a Teleconferencing Service?

A teleconference is easy to use because it requires no technical knowledge from participants. As teleconferencing is a very versatile medium, and can be used with standard and familiar office equipment, it can also be easily incorporated into standard business operations. Importantly, teleconferences also provide a means for instantaneous communication and feedback for stronger collaboration and productivity. Finally, using a conference call to hold business meetings and discuss ideas can significantly reduce travel costs and improve worker productivity.

With teleconferencing, you can connect with your customers and suppliers more frequently, save on travel costs and time, increase productivity with better and more frequent communication between mobile and distributed work teams, whilst also reducing your impact on the environment.

Audio Conferencing

Audio teleconference service that enables you to initiate calls 24/7 without requiring operator assistance or advanced scheduling, from as little as 5¢/minute. This automated audio teleconferencing service can help you with your conferencing needs, whether you’re running a home office, a small-medium business or even a larger organisation.

Quick and easy to manage and use, with a range of quality features, Budget Conferencing can enhance your business functions and empower your organisation to achieve its business goals.

Key Features of Budget Conferencing Teleconferencing:

  • No reservations required- simply schedule and manage your conferencing calls online through our website.
  • Include up to 125 participants in your conference call.
  • Automated email confirmation (including secure pass codes) to all participants.
  • Local, national and international dial-in numbers available.
  • 24/7 conferences and live operator support during your call.
  • Easily record your teleconferences with a touch of a button.

Budget conferencing makes conferencing calling simple, easy and enjoyable. Sign up to our free trial today and find out how simple it can be organise and manage your conference calls while ensure all attendees are able to easily join and participate.