Telephone Conference Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot common telephone conference problems

To maximise the benefits that audio conferencing can bring your business, here are some solutions to common teleconferencing issues to help you utilise the full potential of your conference call.

Background Noise in Telephone Conference

Telephone conference troubleshooting includes unwanted background noise during your telephone conference can be distracting for all participants. To eliminate unwanted background noise during your conference call:

  • Join the teleconference from a quiet location.
  • Use standard land line phone, and avoid using speakerphones when teleconferencing.
  • Use a high quality headset designed for audio conferencing, in you conference call.
  • Avoid multitasking whilst teleconferencing, as your phone can often pick up the rustling of paper or typing.
  • Use the mute, instead of the hold button on your phone when audio conferencing.

If you are still experiencing noise or sound quality issues in your teleconference, either utilise Budget Conferencing’s live customer support, or contact our support service at

Disengaged Participants and Unproductive Teleconferencing

Audio conferencing benefits highly from leadership, and helps avoid wasting time and resources. Therefore, when audio conferencing, all participants are aware of the purpose of the teleconference.

For a larger teleconference, consider a more structured and formal teleconferencing service, such as Budget Conferencing’s FastEvent operator assisted conferencing service.

Accessing Your Conference Call

Prior to your telephone conference, ensure that you can dial into your conference call with an appropriate phone . You can access your teleconference dial in numbers and passcodes for your Budget Conferencing’s account through our website’s my conference portal.