Video Calls | Engage With The Audience You Can’t See

Using Video Calls to Engage with the Audience You Can’t See

Video calls are an effective and easy way to engage and connect with audiences you cannot see in person. Video calls, either through your mobile or computer, allow you to include video in your calls, so you can meet with clients, partners or colleagues face-to-face. Video calls allow you to engage with your audience more effectively, as you can see your participants and pick up on visual cues, just as if you were meeting in person. With video calls software, webcam and your computer, you can host internet video calls to engage with associates you previously could not see with a traditional phone call or teleconference. Mobile video calls are a convenient way to also connect with, and see customers, suppliers or your employees without needing your computer or to be connected to the internet. As such, mobile video calls are ideal for the mobile worker.

Web Conferencing is our service that provides you with the video calls software required to make internet video calls so you can engage with audiences that you originally could not see.

How to Make Video Calls with Web Conferencing

It’s easy to make  internet video calls with our Web Conferencing. All you need is a computer, a webcam and an internet connection.

1. Sign-up for Web Conferencing via our website, and you will receive all your login details in order to make internet video calls.

2. Schedule your video calls through the my conference section of the Budget Conferencing website, and send out the conference details to your participants. Alternatively, you can also make video calls in a more impromptu manner, by sending out an invite for an immediate video call.

3. To access your internet video calls, you and your participants, simply click on the call’s URL to join.

Video conferencing is included as part of the Web Conferencing service. The web conferencing service in integrated into both our PAYG options and Plan options. Try our web conferencing now!

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