Webex vs GoToMeeting vs Budget Conferencing

Webex vs GoToMeeting  vs Budget Conferencing ?  All provide Web Conferencing services but Budget Conferencing is backed by an Enterprise grade 99.9% up time Audio network. Budget Conferencing also provide high levels of customer support inside the web conference to all participants.

Is your business trying to decide what conferencing service best suits your needs?  Requirements include quality, accessibility and customer support. These requirements often come at a premium and aren’t affordable for small to medium size businesses in the long run.

Budget Conferencing provide pay as you go Web Conferencing service which differs from  monthly plans. Our affordable rates are from 10c per min, per participant for our Web Conferencing service.

Budget Conferencing vs GoToMeeting :

Budget Conferencing helps small to medium businesses with flexible pay as you go pricing while GoToMeeting charges a monthly fee. Your business only pays for what they use. Our Web Conferencing service is competitively priced from 10c per min while GoToMeeting offer only monthly plans which cost small business whether the use the service or not.

GoToMeeting monthly charges limit conferences to 8 or 25 attendees.

GoToMeeting charge additional costs to access toll-free phone services and file sharing features. Alternatively, our single and affordable priced Web Conferencing service includes these features whilst also enabling participants to share presentations, applications, websites, documents and desktops.

 Budget Conferencing vs Webex:

Budget Conferencing recently transitioned from combining our teleconferencing services with Webex to new Web Conferencing service. Now  you can take advantage of 99.9% up time with high quality integrated Audio services combined with web conferencing on one platform.

Budget Conferencing does not require add on costs to utilise specific features.  Webex for example, requires upgrades for businesses who require more than 8 people in their conference call where as our Web Conferencing service allows a maximum of 125 people in their conference call without any add on costs.

 Why Budget Conferencing:

$/per minute Budget Conferencing Telstra Optus Hot Air All Conference Calls Eureka Redback
Local number 35¢ 30¢ 15¢ 12¢ 22¢
1800/Toll Free 55¢ No 25¢ 12¢ 14¢ 32¢
National 60.5¢ 45¢ 25¢ 12¢ 14¢ 32¢
International 20¢-99¢ $2.53 $2.10 23¢-$1.33 20¢-99¢ 22¢-89¢ From 40c
Service Available 24/7 24/7 24/7 Limited hours 24/7 24/7 24/7

Take a free trial and see how Budget Conferencing compares on call quality and customer service at a competitive price!