How to host a Webinar

Webinars, also known as web conferencing, are a powerful way to share information and collaborate with your audience. Using videos and web conferencing, webinars are available to provide information on a variety of topics. Web conferencing services allow you to effectively disseminate information to audiences in multiple locations using visuals, PowerPoint and videos. Hold business webinars to inform and communicate with your employees, or use marketing webinars to promote your products and services to, and engage with, potential customers over the internet. With Budget Conferencing you can host webinars with our web conferencing service, at affordable conference call prices.

Tips for More Effective online Power Point Presentations 
  • Include an interesting welcome slide to hold your attendees interest before the beginning of the actual webinar- include things like a photo and short bio of the webinar presenter.
  • Utilise all the tools included in your online webinars software, such as the chat function, to interact with your webinar audience.
  • Use the Power Point animations in your webinars effectively to keep your attendees engaged.
  • Ensure the sequence of your webinars are logical and structured and the slides in your slide deck are attractive for online webinars.
  • Practice and understand how to use the technology and include Power Point in your online webinars.
  • Provide a summary of your presentation at the end of your webinar.
  • Prepare pre-recorded versions of your online webinars to be available to your audience immediately following your presentation.

You can host webinars using our Web Conferencing service. Available through Budget Conferencing, with highly competitive conference call prices, hosting online webinars is easy. Video conferencing is included as part of the Web Conferencing service. The web conferencing service in integrated into both our PAYG options and Plan options.

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Comparison Table – Web & Video Conferencing

$/per minute Budget Conferencing Telstra (WebEx) Optus (WebEx)
Web Conferencing 10¢ 55¢ 50¢
Local number 35¢ 30¢
1800/Toll Free 55¢ Service not available
National 60.5¢ 45¢
International From 20¢ to $0.99 $2.53 $2.10
Service Availability 24 hours, 7 days a week 24 hours, 7 days a week 24 hours, 7 days a week